What do podiatrists do?

  • Diagnose, manage and treat any issues relating from the hips down to the feet
  • Prevent long term foot related injuries
  • Manage joint pain, muscular pain, neurological and vascular issues as well as nail and skin care
  • Advice and assessments on footwear based on fit and function of all shoes, so make sure you bring all the shoes you normally like to wear
  • All our podiatrists hold a bachelor of podiatry degree and are registered members of the Australian Podiatry Association

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

  • Not required unless you qualify under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) scheme or Department of Veterans Affair (DVA) initiative
  • EPC is a Medicare funded program designed to help subsidise podiatry consults due to a chronic condition which affects the feet qualified by your GP
  • DVA will subsidise your podiatry consults if you hold a White (depending on condition) or Gold Card

Can my private health fund cover podiatry?

  • Yes, depending on your level of cover and health fund, it will cover varying amounts for your podiatry consults
  • Hicaps is available at our Box Hill location, which means immediate claiming from your health fund for your convenience

Do you offer home visits?

  • Yes, we come right to your door step if it’s not convenient for you to attend our clinic
  • We bring all instruments and leave without a trace of any mess
  • We travel to all suburbs around metropolitan Melbourne (Travel surcharges may apply depending on distance travelled. Please enquire for further details)

What is the difference between the orthotics from the chemist and ones from your podiatrist?

  • Orthotics made by your podiatrist can be customised to your feet with a personalised prescription for optimal performance
  • Chemist orthotics are generic and may not entirely contour your arch and provide adequate support increasing chance of blistering and potentially making your injury worse

Is it normal to have foot pain?

  • Pain is an indication from your body that something is not quite right
  • Foot pain can be related to other symptoms you’re experiencing from your legs
  • Pain can be build up gradually over time or can occur suddenly after an acute incident, either way, your podiatrist can help diagnose and manage the problem

I have Lower Back Pain, Should I get a podiatry opinion?

  • Yes, Propel Podiatry will ensure your feet are not contributing to your back pain by assessing your gait on the treadmill
  • Balanced muscle and joint function from the hips down to your feet are crucial to help with your back pain

I suffer from knee pain, should I get a podiatry opinion?

  • Yes, knee pain is often associated with poor foot biomechanics
  • By correctly aligning the feet while walking and running it will ensure your knee is no longer compensating, reducing the pain

Why choose Propel Podiatry?

  • Propel Podiatry exists to enhance quality of life through healthier feet
  • We use our Podiatry skills, over 5 years experience in the footwear fitting industry, massage & dry needling skills, elite coaching and athlete approach and bilingual translation service to provide you with the complete foot and footwear solution
  • We want to get you back out training and enjoying your life without having to worry about your feet as soon as possible!
  • We believe strongly in prevention and educating the patient on their foot health

Can podiatrists help me find the best shoe for me?

  • Propel Podiatrists specialise in fitting footwear for over 5 years professionally and understands the different types of shoes (runners, cross trainers, casual shoes, work shoes) and how they should function for different activities and foot mechanics
  • We understand the balance when fitting orthotics with different shoes and what combination works best for you

I have an ingrown toenail, can a podiatrist help me?

  • Yes, we can assess the nail and provide immediate relief
  • We are also professionally trained to perform nail surgery under local anaesthetic when required
  • Foot care tips are provided to prevent nail from regrowing ingrown in future

I have plantar fasciitis (heel pain), should I see a podiatrist?

  • Yes, we specialise in diagnosing different types of heel pain and find the root cause of the problem to prevent it from returning after treating the current symptoms
  • We take a thorough history, check your biomechanics and footwear to ensure everything is considered

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • Yes, please call 9899 5575 to organise a time
  • Our clinic hours are:
    • Tues 8-1pm
    • Wed 2-6pm
    • Thur 8-8pm
    • Sat 8-1pm

513 Station St, Box Hill, 3128 (Corner of Station St. and Oxford St.)

  • On-site parking available off Oxford St.
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