Treatments/Services Offered at Propel Podiatry

Orthotic Therapy

  • Orthotics can be used to aid symptoms in various foot and lower limb issues
  • Functions through optimizing foot posture while walking and running
  • Prevents excessive movements that overload certain soft tissues and joints
  • 3 main types of orthotics – Prefabricated (off the shelf), Semi – Custom, Custom
Type of Orthotic ProsConsComments
  • Cost effective
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Can be altered to provide more or less support by your podiatrist
  • Can be used for short term injuries
  • Issued on the day – no need to order
  • Generic Arch Mould may not completely contour your arch leading to blistering and discomfort
  • Generic support prescription– device will need to be further altered to suit your biomechanics
  • Short life span (approx. 1year depending on use)
  • Bulkier device so may not fit into shoes
  • Great for short term use
  • Great for kids who are growing
  • Cheaper than other orthotics but may not fit your foot as well as the others
  • More durable compared to pre-fabricated
  • Minimal bulk so can fit into most dress shoes and runners
  • Can be further altered by your podiatrist
  • Generic Arch Mould may not completely contour your arch
  • Generic support prescription – not appropriate for large asymmetry between 2 feet
  • Slightly more expensive compared to pre-fabricated due to materials
  • If large asymmetry between both feet, this device will not cater
  • Turnaround time of 1 week
  • Customised to your feet
  • Perfect contouring of the arch of your foot
  • Exact prescription for left and right foot
  • Less bulk to it into all shoes
  • Device lasts for approx. 5 years
  • Slightly more expensive due to custom nature
  • If orthotics are required long term, this is the gold standard device since it is made for your feet, shoes and activity
  • Turnaround time of 1 week

Dry Needling & Massage Therapy

  • Dry needling is used to release tension in muscles that are tight
  • Accurately releases any ‘knots’ within a muscle to normalise function
  • Uses the same needles as for acupuncture
  • Performed safely and in a sterile manner
  • Massage is another method to release tension in tight muscles
  • Manually feeling for taught bands/knots within muscles to relieve tension
  • Used to restore normal function within the muscle

Nail Surgery

  • Performed when nails are causing discomfort and conservative management is unsuccessful
  • Usually surgery is used to treat ingrown nails, thickened nails and fungal nails
  • Nail surgery is performed by your podiatrist under local anaesthetic so there is no discomfort during the procedure
  • The section of the offending nail is removed and cauterised to prevent the unwanted section of the nail from growing back
  • A 7 day take home redressing kit is provided with written instructions on how to look after the surgical site
  • Surgical review after 1 week of procedure

Footwear Fitting

  • Bring along your wardrobe of shoes along to your consult to get them assessed to see which ones will be the best for you!
  • Ensure every shoe you own is the best for your activity and foot function
  • Learn about what to look for when going shoe shopping
  • Learn what brands and styles will fit your feet

Nail & Dermatological Care

  • Nail trimming to avoid ingrown nails
  • Hard, thick nails can now be easily managed
  • Fungal nail will be looked after
  • Hard skin and callouses can be removed to avoid any pain when walking
  • All instruments used are sterile to prevent infection

Wart/ Verruca Treatment

  • Aim of the treatment is to minimise the chance of spreading the virus to other areas of skin and resolve the current lesions
  • Depending on the location and type of verruca, cryotherapy (dry ice) is used to freeze the lesions
  • Acidic ointment may also be used in conjunction or alone to treat the verruca

Corns & Callouses

  • Painful hard skin under the foot or between toes can be removed in minutes. Stop wasting time with corn pads!
  • Education on why they develop and how to prevent them from returning

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