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Hello and Welcome to Propel Podiatry!



We don’t just look at your feet,  we identify this through muscular assessments and our unique.



As an elite athlete and coach, we understand how important returning to activity is for you mentally and physically.


Communication is vital when diagnosing a problem and during the management phase of your foot condition.


Propel Podiatry has a bilingual service where patients with a Chinese background can openly communicate to our staff.



After each visit, you will receive a follow up phone call from your podiatrist to ensure your feet are feeling great.

Meet Jasmine


I saw my first podiatrist in my early teens. Like most parents, mine were always concerned about their children’s health and well-being. I just thought I was young and invincible. However, as my symptoms gradually worsened, my parents knew a long term solution was required.

I had no idea who podiatrists were. Don’t they specialise in kids? After several weeks of following his practical management plan, my symptoms had resolved and I was enjoying my sports again. I was no longer constantly thinking about my feet. This fascinated me and I too wanted to help others in a similar situation.


As a high profile professional, and in the course of my daily routines, I meet a lot of people from all walks of life and, with all of my honesty and sincerity, I have yet to meet any one who I can humbly say that he/she is a professional to the core of his/her profession, but since, I met Jasmine Chan in her capacity in looking after my feet, so as my wife’s, I can attest that indeed Jasmine, is a delightful, most sincere and a very caring person, who takes pride in treating her clients.

Very seldom these days, such persons as Jasmine do exist. When we walk away from her practice, we always get a follow up call, as part of “her after service care”, to ensure that her treatment to our feet has gone according to her very high standards. Under normal circumstances, within other forms of health care, once away from the given practice and your fees have been paid, to that practice, “you are” only a just number, but not to Jasmine Chan. After her treatment, she is delightful person to walk away from and till one’s next visit.

Words of praise are not enough, to do justice to her caring service, both my wife and I, we cherish her as professional and above all, as a very dear friend, and I do not have any hesitation to recommend Jasmine Chan, to anyone, who wishes to avail of her Podiatry services. One needs to experience, as to what I am talking about, in order to determine the truth of my sentiments.

I have been having trouble with my right heel for years, so I went to Propel Podiatry for treatment. Jasmine was friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She noted that the muscles in the arch of my right foot and calf were very tight and this was the reason I was having trouble wearing heels. After dry needling, fixing my orthotics and exercises, my foot is much better – all thanks to Jasmine!

Went to Jasmine with a foot problem which my GP can’t solve. The foot is completely fine now after a few sessions. Jasmine went the special mile by calling me to ensure everything is going well. Highly recommended.

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