Frequently Asked Questions

  • Propel Podiatry exists to enhance quality of life through healthier feet
  • We use our Podiatry skills, over 5 years experience in the footwear fitting industry, massage & dry needling skills, elite coaching and athlete approach and trilingual translation service to provide you with the complete foot and footwear solution
  • We want to get you back out training and enjoying your life without having to worry about your feet as soon as possible!
  • We believe strongly in prevention and educating the patient on their foot health

  • Not required unless you qualify under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) scheme or Department of Veterans Affair (DVA) initiative
  • EPC is a Medicare funded program designed to help subsidise podiatry consults due to a chronic condition which affects the feet qualified by your GP
  • DVA will subsidise your podiatry consults if you hold a White (depending on condition) or Gold Card

  • Yes, depending on your level of cover and health fund, it will cover varying amounts for your podiatry consults
  • Hicaps is available at our Box Hill location, which means immediate claiming from your health fund for your convenience

  • Yes, we come right to your door step if it’s not convenient for you to attend our clinic
  • We bring all instruments and leave without a trace of any mess
  • We travel to all suburbs around metropolitan Melbourne (Travel surcharges may apply depending on distance travelled)
  • Please email for more information and bookings

  • Orthotics made by your podiatrist can be customised to your feet with a personalised prescription for optimal performance
  • Chemist orthotics are generic and may not entirely contour your arch and provide adequate support increasing chance of blistering and potentially making your injury worse

  • Pain is an indication from your body that something is not quite right
  • Foot pain can be related to other symptoms you’re experiencing from your legs
  • Pain can be build up gradually over time or can occur suddenly after an acute incident, either way, your podiatrist can help diagnose and manage the problem

  • Yes, Propel Podiatry will ensure your feet are not contributing to your back pain by assessing your gait on the treadmill
  • Balanced muscle and joint function from the hips down to your feet are crucial to help with your back pain

  • Yes, knee pain is often associated with poor foot biomechanics
  • By correctly aligning the feet while walking and running it will ensure your knee is no longer compensating, reducing the pain

  • Propel Podiatrists specialise in fitting footwear for over 5 years professionally and understands the different types of shoes (runners, cross trainers, casual shoes, work shoes) and how they should function for different activities and foot mechanics
  • We understand the balance when fitting orthotics with different shoes and what combination works best for you

  • Yes, we can assess the nail and provide immediate relief
  • We are also professionally trained to perform nail surgery under local anaesthetic when required
  • Foot care tips are provided to prevent nail from regrowing ingrown in future

  • Yes, we specialise in diagnosing different types of heel pain and find the root cause of the problem to prevent it from returning after treating the current symptoms
  • We take a thorough history, check your biomechanics and footwear to ensure everything is considered

  • Yes, for clinic appointments, please call 9899 8655 or Book ONLINE here!
  • Our clinic hours are currently: Tuesday 8:30am-7pm and Wednesdays 12:30pm-4pm
  • Please see our Contact page for more info
  • Home Visits Appointments, Email

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